The Reality of Once

The years that I could be cherish, but I neither could is socialize nor twinkle to my happiness.

I could remember those nebulas; syringe and antidotes were my batteries to this reality. Maintaining my health or it would cut senselessly short. Within my words express in this “bio”, breathing excessively and having breathing supports/equipment sucks.

Coping my life metaphorically as I can have my chance to the reality. More on medicines and most on medicines (you get that?). My contrast to the society were too ironic to appreciate. Differ from those certain people who ironically experienced their lives, looking forward to their fantasies.

The issue is not critical yet the stars can’t leave us through despair but bandages and pills are the most critical for some reason.

I could shout and cried for no reason at all, weak and discriminated on the so called actuality.

But I consider myself as a “semicolon warrior” that matters my will and secrecy. A symbol for my torments throughout my circumstances. Specifically, semicolon is used to a certain sentence to end that sentence but it continues the phrase because of it’s colon (weirdness). So my life can be end continuously through my bliss.

P.S : Either my mental illness and respiratory disease can shut the shitty life of mine…



An introduction…

I’m Dan Jester, but I’m not

The often welcome melodic lie, the soul’s under song. Named Dan Jester Talastas Medenilla, DJ is the reality but Noveritter defines it. Born on the 23th of May, 2000. The only child on the family, sex: male and gender: indefinite. Anxiety, pessimism and nihilistic expressions are the threads of thy existence. But I don’t define myself by an illness, I am not a victim of my emotions. A person who has great taste on music, mostly on electro pop, classical and jazz. Aspirations like playing the outburst of music through instruments like the violin and the piano. Writing and reading novels such as the classics, mystery, and sci-fi. Books have always been a way to feel less alone. Perhaps if I was depressed or isolated, just communicating with these authors through their sentences helped me. My ecstasy on research like history, naked science and conspiracies. Thus reading manga and watching some anime. Well I’m just a paper boy living to a modern civilization. A student in the normal world being a Humanitarian in the realism of senior high school. I was up against a wall so I couldn’t run from myself if that makes sense so then I slowly fell the ground in fear. I know my actions but I didn’t. I know my family but it is not. I have friends and it is not. I am Dan Jester but I’m not. When I say I’ve killed a person, you don’t even know the possibilities yet. But it is not, but it does….

So this is an introductory of my world. But there’s always more beyond to this story to just ending the last word of the…